MECACYL 100 ML Antifriction Concentrate

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Antifriction concentrate for engines, gearboxes and bridges. Increases reliability
of the running motors by improving the resistance capacities to the load of power.
Reduces the friction of moving parts: like segments (especially in steel sleeves),
the cushions etc …
Reverses the seizing point and the damage caused by the oil lift in the crankcase
engine. Reduced friction increases engine speed.
* one dose per 5 liters of oil
* does not contain MO S2 or PTFE.
In a normal engine, the treatment is valid for about 50000 km.
For a racing engine, the treatment is in most cases valid throughout the season
(its efficiency does not diminish despite the oil changes).
Pour the contents of the flask (0,25 l) into the engine oil. The product is deposited on the organs after about 60 km.
MP5500 / bv:
The additive for gearbox MECACYL HY is an innovative product.
The set of technical results related to the use of hyper lubrication and its results on a system
in friction were highlighted in 2009 by the laboratory ENSAM SERAM (linked to the national school of engineers
Arts and Crafts). The results of Mecacyl hyper lubrication were highlighted on:
– the reduction of friction,
– reduction of wear,
– reduction of temperatures and endothermic reactions
– and the reduction in energy consumption.
For your vehicle, Mecacyl:
– makes it possible to pass from a friction to an almost perfect sliding thus facilitates the passage of speed,
– limit the wear due to the friction thus prolongs and protects your gearbox and your bridges,
– prevents or reduces noise so goes in the direction of a silence of operation
– and removes moisture and oxides so goes in the direction of anti oxidation.

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